About Us

North Park Beer Company is the home-brewery of award-winning brewer Kelsey McNair. Follow along as he takes the leap from amateur to professional and builds a new production brewery and taproom in the greater North Park area of San Diego, California.

Beer for San Diego

At North Park Beer Company, the focus is on brewing San Diego style beer. You might be wondering what that means exactly. It means that our beers are clean, crisp, dry and drinkable – beers designed to complement San Diego’s favorable year round climate. You will see a variety of India Pale Ale inspired beers, showcasing our deep passion for hops. You can expect highly drinkable Session Ales, loaded with bold flavors using the freshest and best ingredients but having a bit less octane. You will also see masterfully crafted strong, sour and experimental ales and lagers from time to time that will pique the interest of the most well seasoned beer geek. Getting thirsty yet?

About the Brewer

Kelsey McNair has a long standing passion for craft beer. When he was first introduced to beer, all of his friends were drinking bland tasting commodity lagers. These boring beers did not capture his interest and he immediately gravitated to more complex beer styles with bolder flavors. His interests continued to grow over time as he would discover and sample hundreds of different beers by visiting specialty beer retailers, attending beer festivals, judging commercial and amateur brewing competitions, trading beers with other enthusiasts, and traveling both domestic and abroad.

Long before Kelsey realized his passion for beer, he had interests in visual and culinary arts as well as mechanics and science. When he discovered the home-brewing hobby, it only took him one batch to find himself completely hooked. Brewing as a medium collected all of his interests into one very fulfilling and rewarding process, granting him unlimited creative freedom.

Kelsey’s brewing experience is evident from the close to a decade he has spent home-brewing. He entered the home-brewing hobby in 2003 and has since earned many awards in local, regional and national amateur brewing competitions. In March of 2010, he won the March Madness competition hosted by Stone Brewing Company, which resulted in the opportunity to brew his winning recipe with Stone. The resulting beer called “San Diego County Session Ale”, a heavily hopped, full flavored, yet low alcohol beer, was distributed to over 20 states and received great acclaim on beer enthusiast websites such as beeradvocate.com and ratebeer.com. In June of 2010 at the National Homebrew Competition, he placed first out of 387 entries in the highly contested India Pale Ale category for his American style IPA called “Hop-Fu! IPA.” He repeated this amazing accomplishment at the 2012 National Homebrew Competition where “Hop-Fu! IPA” took another gold medal, beating out 553 entries in the India Pale Ale category. Kelsey is the only brewer to ever earn 2 gold medals in the India Pale Ale category at the prestigious National Homebrew Competition.

Kelsey looks forward to opening and operating a brewery and sharing his beer with the future patrons of North Park Beer Company!