progress, progress, and more progress!

7 weeks since an update?? Shame on me. Sorry NPBC fans! The day-to-day schedule over here at NPBC HQ is pretty crazy, but I won't let that stop me from getting you the update that you deserve. Thanks for your patience. For the sake of time, this post will be mostly pictures and I think you'll be impressed with the progress.

In our last episode we talked about the dilemmas of remodeling an old building like ours. Concrete woes, expansive soils, headache for days! Fortunately, we have put all that behind us and have moved forward. Actually, once we got back above the dirt, things have gone great and fast! Here's a somewhat chronological recap of what we were able to get done:

February 15TH:

Our concrete was poured back and looks fantastic. Here's the foundation of our brewhouse and fermentation cellar (on the left), tasting room galley (center and top end), and the bar/cold storage area (far right):

February 16th:

Our superintendent Jeremiah left his 2 cents buried into the stemwall around the brewery area:

February 17th:

Glycol piping overhead and a custom riser frame for serving tanks with keg storage underneath were roughed in:

February 20th:

The back wall of our massive 16 foot tall cold box went in:

Progress on glycol piping and jacketing. We opted for insulated schedule 80 PVC piping for the main run. Insulated copper drops will follow:

February 23rd:

Pony wall framed out around our brewhouse area and fermentation cellar:

February 24th:

A huge milestone, we were finally able to take delivery of our fermentation vessels and serving tanks! Some surface prep work was finished on our super cool serving tank rack and the tanks were set on top.

February 25th:

Our shiny 15 barrel brewhouse from Premier Stainless Systems arrived in all of its glory! Prep work on the floors started in the beer production area. Our serving tanks were welded onto the rack in the cold box. A whole lot of stuff happening at once.

February 26th:

Our Argelith hex tile starts going down! Both functional and beautiful, this type of floor covering is 3/4" thick, incredibly durable, and will probably outlast us all.

March 7th-11th:

A whole lot happened during this week. All trades made substantial progress. Tanks started moving into place, glycol lines were more substantially roughed in, tiling inside the cold box commenced, our gigantic cold box door was installed, tanks were welded onto their footings, and our brewhouse was carefully moved into position. Great progress all around. 

March 14th:

Tile in the cold box was completed, and drywall was installed all around the brewery, offices and bathrooms.

March 18th:

We've been working on our preliminary set of merch items too!

March 25th:

Some of our interior design features coming from BASILE Studio have started taking form. We had some of our favorite historical quotes cut into a railing that will go on top of the wall surrounding our brewhouse. Also, work began on the amazing streetlamps that will illuminate our tasting room area. Lastly, some seriously beefy gates which will interlock and close up the far end of the beer production area.

march 29th:

BASILE Studio has been working on the cladding our cold box with wood paneling and millwork. It doesn't look like much yet, but this is going to be one incredible showpiece back bar when it has been completed.

March 30th:

One of the challenges with our layout is that we have fermentation vessels on one side of the room, serving tanks on the other, and area to be occupied by customers in between. However, we didn't want to be limited to transferring beer during only off hours, so custom stainless steel process piping is being fabricated to move the beer up and over. 


So, that about concludes this update. These pictures really only scratch the surface of all the progress we've been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time. Our construction team has been doing a stellar job all around. If a few critical open items can resolve, such as getting our permanent power connected, then it is entirely possible that we'll be able to start brewing beer within the next couple of weeks! This has been a long time coming and we cannot wait to start making beer for good folks like you.

On the careers front, we've had our taproom manager job posting up for a few weeks now and we have received substantial interest from a number qualified candidates. It is truly humbling and exciting to see so many great people wanting to be a part of our company. We are carefully working our way through the list and hope to be able to introduce you to the first new member of the NPBC team very soon!

Until next time my friends, cheers!