Learn more about one of our favorite DDH Hazy IPAs INFINITE CONTENT

INFINITE CONTENT DDH Hazy IPA is here and ready to be enjoyed in an infinite amount of ways! What’s this beer all about, anyway? Watch this video of owner and head brewer Kelsey talk all things INFINITE CONTENT.

Created in attempt to fulfill the seemingly insatiable demand for something new and everything now, Infinite Content is gobsmacked with 5lbs per barrel of Citra, Australian Galaxy, and New Zealand Motueka hops making it infinitely juicy DDH Hazy IPA with huge passion fruit, bright citrus, delicious tropical fruit flavors, and an endlessly creamy mouthfeel!

There are infinite sources of inspiration when it comes to brewing our latest and greatest, and INFINITE CONTENT is no different! Kelsey walks us through the hidden gems behind the artwork of our latest can release.