It took a wee bit longer than expected to get our general contractor signed on, but we're now good to go and we will be breaking ground this week!

Before we get started, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about the dream team that was selected to design and construct NORTH PARK BEER CO.

For architectural services, we hired HAUCK ARCHITECTURE to develop our construction drawings. If you aren't familiar, Dustin Hauck is one of the most qualified architects for a project like ours. Hauck has pulled permits for a number of breweries all over Southern California. Our building is quite old and presented us with a number of challenges ranging from complex utility upgrades to ADA compliance improvements. We've got a sizable basement, but no freight access. We've got an awesome mezzanine, but no handicapped access. Dustin and his engineering team came up with solutions for all of our challenges. In the end, we'll have a very functional brewing system in a building that is compliant with all building code standards. 

After function comes form. In my opinion, interior design is an oft overlooked element in the landscape of breweries. As our small, independent breweries shift further into the mainstream focus, I believe that the tasting room environment is only going to become a more critical aspect of the brewery's identity. Yes, brewing high quality beer is the single highest priority, but creating a great space for patrons to enjoy that beer in should not be an afterthought. Thus, for interior design and fabrication, we signed on the one and only BASILE STUDIO. At our first meeting, I told principal designer Paul Basile that I wanted to create a space that pays homage to North Park in both historical and contemporary context. Over the last several months Paul's design team has developed a very unique looking design plan that melds 1920s arts & crafts and mid century modern detail coupled with Basile Studio's innovative industrial styling. They have simply done amazing work thus far and I cannot wait for you all to see it come together.

Here's a sneak peek of the main bar design:


Another very important aspect of the form side of our project is branding development, and we signed up MOTHER SPONGE to drive this effort. With a similar approach to the interior design, we wanted to give a nod toward the 1920s era Arts & Crafts movement, but also resonate with contemporary style. My favorite logos are those that have a clean, die-cut look to them (The Bruery and Modern Times come to mind) and I am extremely pleased with how our logo has evolved into its current state. Our logos, tap handle design, merchandise, and growler system are all courtesy of Sean Kelley/Mother Sponge.

To oversee implementation of the function and form, we selected URBAN CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT a brewery specialist group within Richard & Richard Construction. Urban-CM has a well established reputation for building great breweries. They recently wrapped up construction of the massive 105,000 square foot AleSmith project and also built half a dozen breweries of our size within the last year (including Duck Foot, Second Chance, Saint Archer and others). This is a construction team that understands the challenges of building a brewery, knows how to mobilize, executes with precision, and delivers the project on schedule. Urban-CM has committed to getting our project done within 14 weeks. The schedule is no doubt aggressive, but they are confident that we'll have beer in the tanks come March.

So that's the team and I think you'll agree, it would be hard to put together a better one for this project. 

Tomorrow we are getting started. We'll have another demolition crew back in the space, cutting up concrete, and setting the stage for our brand spanking new 15 barrel brewhouse from Premier Stainless Systems. In about 14 short weeks, we'll fire up the kettles and start making beer. Our tasty beers like Hop-Fu! will finally be in your glass. The fun starts... now!